Project management

The use of a proven project management methodology is of great help in the life and daily work of the holding. The basis for this work is Project Management Institute’s PMBOK Guide, the most wide-spread project management standard in the World.

When it comes to project implementation, there are 2 dominant methodologies we use. In software development, we often follow agile methodology due to insufficiently defined tasks, meanwhile Price2 methodology is providing a framework to help us keep up with deadlines.

When designing our projects, it is our top priority to work with manufacturers who support the entire implementation process with high-level services.

The methodologies formulate recommmendations for the design of the project organization, describe in detail the design, organizational, management and control tasks typically encountered in the projects, from preliminary needs assessment to project closure. Devices and techniques are presented (eg ways and means of creating pace and resource planning).

The benefits of using project management methodologies at the organizational level are best felt when PM control is in place. This includes guidelines for all types of our projects; not too rigid, but predictable. The introduced templates, forms, pre-programmed tables not only simplify the provision of data, but they can also gradually build a project data and knowledge base that makes information retrievable , analytical, suitable for trends, tendencies and conclusions.

The introduced agile methodology is characterized by flexibility, dynamism, speed, efficiency, human-centeredness and focuses on delivering ready-made software in good quality with fast delivery, while meeting customer expectations.

By combining the two methodologies correctly, we successfully combine the benefits of each methodology, and the day-to-day practice has already contributed to the successful completion of several projects within a cost and deadline framework.

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