SAP Skills

One of the key focuses of our firm is providing consulting services related to the SAP system. Combining the professional expertise of our colleagues with the firm’s deep understanding and experience in the field of IT, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive SAP-related consulting services.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • SAP system implementation consulting
  • SAP project management
  • SAP system updates
  • SAP archiving consultation
  • SAP finance and logistics consultation
  • SAP technical consultation – base and ABAP programming
  • SAP data warehouse consultation

Our colleagues are also experienced in the latest SAP HANA technology, and through our continuous training programs we ensure that their knowledge is always up to date.

IT Security

In todays world, not a day goes by without hearing about data loss, system intrusions and the vulerability of IT systems. Our services include infrastructure protection, data/information and application protection, as well as bank security services. We have outstanding experience in the following fields of IT security:

  1. Preventive protection: Preventing viruses and hacker attacks is a primary IT security task. In addition to the efficiency of the selected solutions, we also take into consideration long-term planning needs.
  2. Advanced level security: The data leakage prevention system is designed to invisibly monitor the location and mode of data storage, users, data usage, content, and situation in the background without obstructing business processes, and prevent specific uses which are defined and described by the organization in its security regulations.
  3. Regulation, quality control: We provide the possibility to realize the organization’s security strategy in both short and long term by enabling the implementation of a module that corresponds tot he security level and maturity of the organization.

IT Counseling

We provide complex IT consulting to achieve our customers’ strategic goals. In addition to the exact formulation of business needs and requirements, we have extensive experience in designing IT tools and services and implementation.

Quality Assurance

We have the extensive expereince of our consultants to ensure the quality of IT projects. We regularly check the quality of our products and services to ensure they meet the expectations of our recommendations and use our tools to ensure the success of our projects.

System integration

Our experts are constantly trained to master leading technologies and deliver high quality solutions to our customers in both data center and data backup and archiving systems. We provide the following services:

  • Design and dimensioning of servers, storage and networks
  • Implementation and installlation tasks
  • Installation and customization of operating systems, database managers and other basic software
  • Virtualization enviroment creation
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Development and documentation of the conditions and processes of operation
  • Installing business applications

System Development, Big Data

Special organizations require custom systems and solutions for their business processes. We are able to support these business processes with IT systems. Solutions we recommend to our customers:

  • Enterprise systems
  • Custom-developed systems
  • Business intelligence, Data warehouse systems

IT System Operation

In order to be more cost-effective, more and more companies are deciding to outsource their operations tasks. Within the framework of our system operation service we take full responsibility for the consequences of the operation of the given system in addition to providing the service conditions defined by the client.